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Introducing Quadric Index

A research project to clarify the purpose of brands and unite the people behind them.

Brands are opening up, telling more stories for more reasons than ever before. They use films to tell the most important stories in the most compelling ways. Films are also made to both reflect AND reinforce the direction a brand is going. Thus, films can reveal authenticity as well as future potential.

If you want to understand a brand, you need to review the films they’ve made and follow their ongoing stream of films. Unfortunately, the increasing volume of films brands produce makes this extremely time-consuming.

Quadrics enable the people interested in a given brand to collectively curate its stream by reviewing films in a simple structure. Then, anyone can play the brand’s quadric to see the most important films based on their interests.

Reviews place films in categories that cover internal/external and emotional/rational perspectives. These perspectives address the interests of important stakeholders or audiences, from job candidates and key suppliers to channel partners and customers.

You can dive deep into a specific category. Or, you can get the complete story by ‘playing the quadric’ – watching the top film in each category in a clockwise direction, starting at the logo square. Film length averages 2-3 minutes, making it possible to get the full story in 15-20 minutes.

Behind the scenes, the quadric algorithm is also analyzing the reviews to determine the ‘core ideas’ of each brand. Strong brands focus on clear core ideas (sometimes called core values) that guide decisions within R&D, recruitment, marketing, and other areas.


Consumer examples are all around us; Volvo’s focus on ‘safety’, IKEA’s focus on a ‘better everyday life’, and Tesla’s focus on ‘accelerating the transition to sustainable energy’ all illustrate how core ideas guide decisions.

Core ideas are equally powerful in business-to-business. For example, Rackspace grew to be the largest managed hosting company in the world by focusing on what they call ‘fanatical support’. Fanatical support differentiates them in their highly commoditized industry, it is central to their service offering, and it attracts passionate people who care about their customers. The Rackspace quadric reveals the power of this focus.

Because quadrics both clarify the big picture and make execution more visible, they are the best way to get to know any employer, client, partner, investment, or for lack of a better word, brand.

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