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Quadrics of industry leaders

A company's "Quadric" describes its positioning strategy and what they are doing to build strategic differentiation. The examples below have proven useful in our courses and workshops because people have a sense for these companies but have never seen their positioning strategies described so clearly. Our research has resulted in over fifty clear Quadrics to date. The clearer a Quadric, the stronger the company's positioning and the more successful they are.

We encourage you to adopt the Quadric framework in your own company. As an analytical tool, it can help you clarify your positioning strategy and understand where your competitors are going. You can use it to unite your management team's views, inspire new thinking and align actions across your functions and markets; some of the greatest challenges international companies face.


Volvo has built strategic differentiation by making safety the highest priority across its value chain.


By remaining focused on empowering people, Apple grew to have a broader role in our lives than other computer makers could have dreamed of.


When GE made the environment their growth strategy, the decision was reflected in each area of their Quadric.


Since its beginning, FedEx's focus on reliability has guided its business strategy.


Philips used a new positioning strategy to drive a turn-around, now "sense and simplicity" guides everything they do.