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Building strategic differentiation and driving growth

At Quadric, our goal is to help you grow into the undisputed leader in your markets. We do this by increasing your differentiation and helping you drive growth in the areas on which your future depends.

Positioning for industry leadership

We help you identify and take control of the optimal “position” in the minds of people across your value chain. Simply put, this means making sure people understand your focus, how they can contribute to your success and why you are better than competitors.

Driving profitable organic growth

While we can borrow a lot from consumer marketing, increasing differentiation and growth of B2B companies requires different competencies and tools. We specialize in helping B2B companies attract, win, grow and retain customers.

In your established market segments, we can help you shake things up, changing the sales conversation and increasing share of customers. When entering new segments, we can help you quickly raise qualified awareness, get you on short lists and give your sales force the value propositions and tools that will make them most effective.

Realizing the value of M&A

While you proceed with financial and operational integration, we can help you accelerate the change of perceptions on which success will rely. As a starting point, we can help your management team clarify the benefit of the transaction to customers and create a new positioning strategy that will be a uniting force.

Then, we can help you build your people’s belief in your future, give them the ability to confidently tell your story and re-engage customers in a way that removes doubt in the market.