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Build emotional connections people
trust and remember

From everyday life, we’ve all developed the ability to intuitively judge a brand’s authenticity, the quality of a brand’s identity and the consistency with which a brand is managed. Thus, even in the most industrial or scientific context, brands play big roles in determining which companies attract the most talented people and win in the market.

Our primary goal is to help you optimize your brand portfolio, consolidating or extending it to reinforce your positioning strategy and support your business objectives. Your “brand portfolio” includes your corporate brand, subsidiary brands, product/service brands, branded differentiators (e.g. named ingredients, technologies, attributes) and partner brands.

With the roles of brands in your portfolio clear, we can ensure each brand’s identity builds powerful emotional connections. From insightful naming to aspirational design, we have the experience and creative talent to help you take branding in your company to the next level.

We’ve helped clients refresh or create brands to address a wide range of growth opportunities, from increasing relevance to their customers’ customer or strengthening direct customer relationships to accelerating merger integration or driving demand in a new market segment.

  • Brand portfolio strategy
  • Naming & brand development (company, product, service, solution)
  • Design & identity guidelines development
  • Brand management training

Michael Sherain
Michael Sherain
+45 4010 1047
Michael, a Californian living in Denmark, has helped global companies in a range of industries strengthen their brands.