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Repositioning to realize the value of a merger

Client: DJØF


Following its merger with another large employee association, Djøf (Danish Association of Lawyers and Economists) needed to reposition itself to represent the interests of a more diversified member base and to attract new members. Most significantly, its membership had shifted from primarily public sector employees to nearly 50% privately employed. This new member mix had different needs and expectations. In addition to adapting its identity and renewing its marketing approach, Djøf needed to thoroughly understand these differences in order to develop their service offering to create the most value for members.


We started by developing a new needs-based market segmentation model using qualitative and quantitative research. Then, we determined Djøf’s current penetration and growth potential in each segment. Digging deeper into the segments with focus groups and interviews, we developed the insights needed to prioritize segments and create positioning scenarios while providing the basis for adapting the service offering. Scenario testing with members and Djøf employees allowed us to develop a new positioning strategy, identity, website and a range of communication tools.

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