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Engaging KOL's to create demand for a new platform

Client: Gambro


With another year before the launch of a groundbreaking dialysis platform, Gambro needed a “bridging” campaign that engaged KOL’s and customers to ensure their purchasing decisions where delayed. The challenge was figuring out how to execute a bridging campaign without giving away key selling points to competitors.


We developed a VIP room that was installed at the main industry event, EDTA in Barcelona. Selected KOLs and customers where invited to experience the room and discuss the future of renal care. The room was divided into five spaces designed as a series of museum-like exhibits unveiled in sequence, showing a film of Gambro’s vision of the future, giving an opportunity to hold new ergonomically-designed products and presenting simulations of efficiency gains. In the last space, the first product of the new platform was dramatically revealed on a rotating pedestal.

p>The room became the hot topic of conversation at the event, with a 100% participation rate and lines at the door. More importantly, KOLs adopted the principles of the new platform, giving the sales force the ammunition needed to ensure customers planned to adopt the new platform rather than buying from competitors.

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