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Building cultural uniqueness to increase differentiation

Client: Luvata


Following the launch of Luvata as an independent global company (see other Luvata case), the corporate culture needed to be developed to deliver the positioning strategy. The relevant cultural traits and behaviors existed to different degrees throughout the company, but were not formalized or clearly linked to the strategy. As a result, the culture was not being developed into the differentiator it could have been.


Together with senior management and sales teams we defined the values and principles that would support the partnerships on which the positioning strategy was based. We then developed a training program to build understanding of the desired culture and the relevance to each individual. Over six thousand employees participated in the training. Participants rated the experience at the top of the scale, committing to behavioral changes that they believed would contribute to the company’s success.

The program was subsequently used in integration of acquisitions and onboarding of new employees. The annual recognition program established as part of the training continues to maintain focus on building the cultural uniqueness that is increasingly recognized as a key element in the company’s success.

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