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Turning corporate culture into a differentiator

Client: Nacap


Having grown with the expanding pipeline industry, Nacap's differentiation needed to be formalized in order to secure continued growth in an increasingly competitive, tender-driven and regulated market. The cultural traits that ensured success in the past existed to different degrees throughout the company, but were not communicated or clearly linked to the strategy. As a result, the culture was not the differentiator it could be.


We worked with senior and line management to define the values that supported the reliability and safety on which Nacap's success was based. Then, we developed an engagement program to build common understanding of the desired culture and the relevance to each individual and the company as a whole. Over two thousand employees participated in the training that taught people about the strategy, values and how to behave in order to increase Nacap's differentiation. We then adapted the program for use in on-boarding new employees. The annual recognition program established as part of the training continues to maintain focus on building the cultural uniqueness of Nacap.

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