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Increasing penetration of existing customers

Client: Terumo BCT


Terumo BCT’s primary growth objective in the North American Blood Center segment was to increase their share of mobile blood collections. Their Trima technology was dominant for in-center collections, but customers did not view Trima as a mobile device. We needed to change this perception, clarify the value Trima offered and create opportunities for sales.


Analysis of the customers’ business model helped us define a value proposition based on the idea of “multiplying the value of mobile collections” (x Trima) in terms of both reimbursements and platelets collected per donor. With this in mind, we created a new Trima Mobile Solution, combining the existing device with new mobile insurance, service and training that removed the risks associated with mobile use. Our campaign brought the value proposition to life online and offline, including a classic “road trip” with a personified Trima sending postcards to customers from the road and a bus outfitted with four Trimas visiting customer locations across the country. The campaign was widely recognized as innovative and thought-provoking, driving a change of market perceptions and sales that exceeded projections. (See Terumo BCT brand development case)

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