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Assessing the reputation of a global brand

Client: Wärtsilä


The business strategy of Wärtsilä (HEL:WRT1V), global leader in power solutions for the marine and energy markets, was to capture a larger share of their value chain by expanding their product range and services. Their historic focus on engines, reinforced by communications around the world, meant that financial analysts and customers didn’t recognize the value of Wärtsilä’s full offering. The question was, how big a gap did we need to close, in a very practical sense, to effectively sell the full offering?


We conducted a comprehensive Brand Audit to clarify the current positioning across market segments and geographies and prioritize actions for the future. We used a driver/impact survey to measure which factors were influencing the reputation. Scenario testing enabled us to describe the perceptions across the value chain, and the gaps between the current and desired positions. Product and service mapping helped us identify how strongly specific products and services were associated with Wärtsilä and competitors, making it clear where to focus future effort.

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