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Develop the uniqueness of your culture to reinforce your differentiation

International companies consist of many cultures resulting from past acquisitions, nationalities or the nature of different functions. The role of your corporate culture is not to replace these diverse cultures, but to unite them and increase your differentiation over time.

We have extensive experience assessing cultural traits (e.g. values, principles, behaviors) and focusing companies on those traits that build strategic differentiation. We call it “cultural uniqueness.” With your positioning strategy clear, we can help you re-focus your culture and develop programs that increase understanding of your desired traits and bring them to life.

We involve management and employees in defining the cultural uniqueness, then develop the recognition systems, leadership programs and on-boarding programs that accelerate culture change. The result is increased belief internally and increased differentiation in the market.

We’ve helped clients strengthen their corporate culture to address a wide range of growth opportunities, from building deeper partnerships with customers or creating a performance focus to turning a safety mindset into a differentiator or engaging and empowering employees.

  • Culture assessment
  • Definition of cultural uniqueness (e.g. values, principles, behaviors)
  • Leadership program module development
  • Internal communication and training
  • Employer branding and on-boarding

Mark Ronan
Mark Ronan
+45 2628 9080
Mark, an Irishman living in Denmark, is an expert in positioning strategy with hands-on experience building cultural uniqueness that reinforces differentiation in the market.