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Increase the focus and impact of marketing on sales

As industries become increasingly global, alignment of marketing tactics and messaging across markets is more important than ever. Yet, it is essential to remain closely connected to market needs and to react quickly to local opportunities.

Using proven marketing planning processes, we can help you align international activities and engage sales forces to create new momentum in markets. Our outside perspective can help you take a fresh view, leading to development of new segmentation models, identification of growth opportunities and increased marketing efficiency.

With the plan in place, we can help you execute in a way that best matches your internal capabilities. We often take full responsibility for developing campaigns and sales training, in other cases we act as a sparring partner for in-house teams. Whatever the model, we can help you focus your resources to have a greater impact on sales while reinforcing your positioning strategy.

We’ve helped clients strengthen marketing to address a wide range of growth opportunities, from launching new products or entering new market segments to increasing share of existing customers or creatively introducing new companies.

  • Qualitative and quantitative market research
  • Marketing strategy & planning
  • International campaign development
  • Sales force engagement and training
  • Marketing organization development

Mark Ronan
Mark Ronan
+45 2628 9080
Mark, an Irishman living in Denmark, with over 15 years of experience in international marketing, has the analytical skill and practical experience needed to increase the impact of marketing budgets.