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Focused on building strategic differentiation and driving growth

Quadric was founded to address the unique needs of companies facing significant change brought about by, for example, new management, new strategy, new ownership or M&A.

Quadric helps management renew belief in their company’s future and increase their company’s influence across their value chains. In addition to executing their strategy, our clients build strategic differentiation that boosts effectiveness of everything from cost-cutting to marketing and sales.

Our pioneering work with positioning strategy is based on the Quadric® framework, a management tool that has helped increase competitiveness of companies in a wide range of industries and countries.

With unique workshops and processes we are able to achieve more, faster and with fewer consultants involved than ever before. Our clients are vocal fans of our approach and the majority of our new clients come from referrals. By sharing our framework more broadly we hope to move closer to our ultimate goal of increasing the contribution of business to society.