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Inspiring management teams to build strategic differentiation

The Quadric partners are experienced, motivational speakers often called upon to add outside perspectives to management events. Our speeches and workshops have been used to:

  • Unite newly formed teams around a common view of the future
  • Clarify the company’s positioning, and positioning of competitors
  • Help R&D and operational teams become more market oriented

Regardless of the goal, we use exciting international examples and case studies to engage people, open their minds and encourage action. Content can be customized to the industry and situation of the audience, and everything is delivered in “international English.” All three partners have the cultural sensitivity, careful listening and clear pronunciation that come with experience.

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“Quadric’s speech at our top management meeting helped us to think differently and take action to reposition our company.”
“It was like seeing our company for the first time again.”
“Exceeded every expectation.”
“Very impressed. Loved it.”
"You will come away, as I did today, more inspired than ever about the potential of our future as a business."