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Clarify your differentiation to create competitive advantage

Industry leading companies focus on differentiating themselves in surprisingly simple ways. FedEx’s focus on reliability, GE’s focus on problem solving and Nike’s focus on performance are examples of this. These companies outperform competitors and grow faster than their industries.

Positioning strategy is the process of making your differentiation extremely focused and the principles or beliefs behind that focus easy for everyone to understand. With a positioning strategy in place, people throughout your company can make changes to reinforce your differentiation, measure performance in more relevant ways and drive the right kind of growth.

Using inspiring workshops and proven consulting processes, Quadric can help you understand your current positioning and the positioning of your competitors. Then, refine your positioning strategy, or develop a new strategy, and help you make changes that give you a competitive advantage.

We’ve helped clients use positioning strategy to address a wide range of growth opportunities, from launching new companies or accelerating M&A integration to increasing market penetration or adapting to market shifts.

  • Qualitative and quantitative market research
  • Positioning scenario development and testing
  • Positioning strategy development
  • Implementation

The Quadric framework

A short introduction to the Quadric framework, an integrated approach to building strategic differentiation. The video also includes highlights from our research into Volvo's positioning strategy.

Positioning strategies of global brands

Explore highlights from our research into how companies like Volvo, Apple, GE and FedEx use clear positioning strategies to guide everything they do.

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Michael Sherain
Michael Sherain
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Michael, a Californian living in Denmark, has helped global companies in a range of industries develop and implement successful positioning strategies.