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Strengthen your value propositions to drive higher margin growth

Strong value propositions, on market segment and customer levels, are prerequisites for driving organic growth and realizing the value of a combined offering after M&A.

The two types of value propositions differ in important ways. Value propositions focused on the needs of specific market segments make communications more impactful and leads more qualified. In contrast, customer value propositions enable sales people to adapt proposals and presentations to target specific needs, buyer types (e.g. economic, user, technical) and modes (e.g. trouble, even keel, overconfident). The combination of the two types of value propositions results in increased effectiveness, from broad communications to each step in contacting, winning, growing and retaining customers.

We can help you analyze segment and customer needs. Then, create value propositions that target those needs most effectively while reinforcing your overall positioning strategy.

Once the value propositions are defined and validated from both operational and market perspectives, we can help you implement them in marketing and sales. For example, developing lead-generation campaigns, training sales forces or adapting your solutions to better match customer needs.

We’ve helped clients use value propositions to address a wide range of growth opportunities, from selling more to existing customers or entering new market segments to moving from product to insight-based selling.

  • Qualitative and quantitative market research
  • Market and customer segmentation
  • Value proposition development and validation
  • Development of campaigns, sales tools and training

Michael Sherain
Michael Sherain
+45 4010 1047
Michael, a Californian living in Denmark, has extensive experience working with global sales forces and their customers to strengthen value propositions and lift sales relationships above price discussions.